Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Antique Jewelry: Edwardian Elegance


by Rebekah V. Wise

When Edward VII ascended the throne in 1901, he and Alexandra set the tone for a wealthy new era known as La Belle Epoque. This new era saw England as a dominant global force, greatly influencing the rest of the civilized world. Based on wealth and not on lineage, this new prosperity was preoccupied with status and luxury and chose fashion and elegance as its guiding light.

Alexandra personified Edwardian elegance: the hourglass silhouette, the up-swept hair, the swan-like neck, the "colliers de chien" and ropes of pearls. The lacy looks of the era--with layers of delicate, mostly white on white fabrics--called for light and delicate jewelry styles. Incorporating the techniques of piercing and filigree, and using the strength of platinum to create invisible settings, produced the desired light and lacy looks.

Such a piece of jewelry is this Edwardian brooch/pendant in the neoclassical-influenced garland style. Composed of flower garlands, bows, and ribbons, this brooch/pendant is crafted in platinum with a central heart element in 18k yellow gold. Encircling the heart are three stylized bows with entwined garlands. An Old European-cut diamond of approximately 0.86 carats is suspended from the center. A fourth bow completes the garland effect and suspends an Old European-cut diamond of approximately 0.43 carats. Further accented throughout with Old European-cut diamonds and melee for an approximate total weight of 2.75 carats. Measures 2" (50.8mm) north to south x 1 3/8" (34.9mm) east to west at widest point.

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